how much gone toppo should i use?

We suggest 8 - 10 pumps of power potion per day! Dig a bit deeper below to see when it's best to touch up your dome and how.

With gone toppo, you should be applying 8 - 10 pumps a day! We suggest that you apply 4 - 5 in the morning and 4 - 5 in the evening before bed. Make sure that you are applying the magic potion directly to your shiny braincase, on the areas of the crown and the front of the scalp, do not just spray it into your hair. Massage the solution into the skin to ensure that gets to the hair follicle to work its magic.

One last thing - apply gone toppo when your hair is dry, only to make sure that the solution doesn't dilute, and can have the best opportunity to do what it does best!

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