does little pals make you feel sick?

Dunking these potent pills on an empty stomach can make you feel a bit shite! We suggest always taking little pals after smashing at least a slice of toast.

The main issue associated with the little pals joebloe product is that it can make you feel sick in the stomach. This is purely because you have taken little pals on an empty stomach. Smash a good meal before dropping the pals as they pack a serious punch. The amount of vitamins and minerals in these bad boys is serious! Take a look at all here ingredients rammed into the little pal capsules here.

joebloe little pals feel sick

If you have eaten and you are still feeling a little ill, we've had this happen to a few people before, the feeling should go away after a few days. You have a sensitive stomach and it will get used to the large amount of nutrients you are ingesting all at once. If after a few weeks there is no change, stop the treatment and make sure you contact us, we're always here to chat!